Saturday, April 25, 2009

$4,296.00 later...

                                  Ben has a new smile!

Well, one down and three to go, at least braces are cheap.  ; )   We did get a two hundred dollar discount for having 2 kids in braces at the same time, that didn't make Dave feel any better. Ethan has another year left and Alyssa and Jared we have been told will need them too, awesome!  We do have the best orthodontist in town, I have to say.  Dr. Swenson is so great with kids and he has the best staff too.  Ben looks so grown up without them, it will be so nice to eat at the dinner table now without him trying to suck his food out of his braces with his tongue.  Yeah, I know GROSS, but true!  Love you Ben!!  Nice Jersey too, are you from Georgia? Did you know that Knowshon Moreno got drafted to the Denver Broncos?  Of course you do, you have been watching the NFL draft for about 5 hours now!

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