Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Hunt

We had a little egg hunt with the cousins, and the kids of course loved it and the adults always get a kick out of watching the kids frantically try and get the most eggs.  We spent Easter with all of Dave's family this year and had a great time.  It is always so good to be with family.  

Easter 2009

Genghis Khan

          Ethan as Genghis Khan, 6th grade Wax Museum 

Ethan decided to be Genghis Khan for his wax museum project... interesting, I thought when he told me who he picked.  We didn't know that much about him other than he did kill a lot of people and he was kind of a bad dude.  He could probably give Hitler a run for his money. Anyway, it was an educational experience for all of us and we had a great time putting together his costume (Walmart the night before at 11:00pm shopping for material) lots of hot glue sticks, cutting up rabbit fur,  finding just the right belt, which happened to be hanging in my closet... good work Dave!  Ethan was proud.

Invention Fair

Alyssa decided to invent "Friend Cards" for the 3rd grade invention fair this year.  She thought it would be a good idea to pass these out to all of her friends that don't know her phone #. She cut the cards out in the shape of a house and put all of her info on the front and a magnet on the back, very cute!  She worked hard on them and was very proud to show them off.  They were a big hit.  Good job Liss!

$4,296.00 later...

                                  Ben has a new smile!

Well, one down and three to go, at least braces are cheap.  ; )   We did get a two hundred dollar discount for having 2 kids in braces at the same time, that didn't make Dave feel any better. Ethan has another year left and Alyssa and Jared we have been told will need them too, awesome!  We do have the best orthodontist in town, I have to say.  Dr. Swenson is so great with kids and he has the best staff too.  Ben looks so grown up without them, it will be so nice to eat at the dinner table now without him trying to suck his food out of his braces with his tongue.  Yeah, I know GROSS, but true!  Love you Ben!!  Nice Jersey too, are you from Georgia? Did you know that Knowshon Moreno got drafted to the Denver Broncos?  Of course you do, you have been watching the NFL draft for about 5 hours now!

Karate = Therapy

                                    The Prep...

                             The Kick...

                                  Comin' Down!

I absolutely love these pictures!  Ethan is such a stud and he can definitely get up there.  The teacher holding the kick paddle is about my height maybe a little taller,  and did you see that FORM in the 2nd picture!  So these pictures tell me a couple of things.  First, karate is a form of therapy. :) And 2nd, there is no doubt in my mind that Ethan is letting out some of his little sister frustrations, I mean did you see his face... take a good look, because it is priceless!  Ethan is a brown belt and well on his way to black, he is a great athlete and we love watching him bring the house down.